Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the results last?
A: Results can be quite long lasting, as long as you maintain your current eating habits & level of activity. Of course there's no replacement for healthy diet & regular exercise, but this can help kick start your weight loss, or help target those trouble spots. I have far too many clients who come to me after they've had the 'permanent' surgical laser lipo to use any term other than long lasting. I do have lots of clients who come back after 6 or 12 months for a little 'tune-up', but that could be also be some much needed me time too!

Q: Is this healthy?
A: The treatment is basically just speeding up the body's natural functions. It is a mild detox, and my clients with lymphatic and thyroid conditions find the treatment eases their symptoms. Obviously, there is no replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise which is why I am a certified Nutritional Therapist and offer many options for the wide variety of clientele I get to help. The treatments aren't all about losing inches, it helps tighten loose skin, and reduce stretch marks and cellulite. There are quite a few health benefits of our treatments.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: Since this is a non-invasive procedure, there are very limited side effects. As it is a bit of a detox, you can get a slight case of diarrhea if you don't hydrate well after the treatment. Other than that, you may just find you're really relaxed when you leave!

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: It really depends on the individual and the area being treated. We measure before and after every treatment and your body is the real indicator of the number of treatments required. We have clients that just do one Lose Inches Now Treatment and they are very happy with the results, some continue on with 2 or 3 more Laser Liposuction Treatments, and I have some clients that have lymphatic and thyroid issues and they come in regularly as part of their therapy. It is a very personal treatment for every client.

Q: Are there any restrictions for doing the treatment?
A: The only restrictions for using our procedures are if you have bowel or bladder issues, if you've recently had surgery or other medical procedures in the prior 90 days, if you are currently breastfeeding, or if you have given birth in the prior 60 days.

Q: Can you do 2 areas at once?
A: There are only 10 paddles on the laser (6 large & 4 small), and we normally treat one area at a time with half the paddles. You can do a second area, or use all the paddles after your first treatment. We need to understand how your body absorbs the treatments to ensure a second area treatment would still be effective. There is an add-on charge of $50 (+GST) for a second area.

Q: What areas can be treated?
A: The treatment can be done almost anywhere on the body except the face and genital areas.

Q: Is the laser liposuction painful and is there any downtime?
A: The treatment is non-surgical and there’s no incisions or downtime. The paddles rest on the skin of the area we are treating. They working both on the skin's surface to help tighten skin & reduce stretch marks & cellulite, as well as on the deep dermis level to cause the fat cells to shrink. We don't open anything up on you!

Q: Can I do the treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: We recommend you wait at least 2 months after you've given birth and at least a month after you've finished breast feeding. We want to make sure you and your baby are both safe.

Q: Does this tighten and firm the skin?
A: Yes, the laser not only works at reducing the size of the cells at the deep dermis level, it also works on the skin to help the cells rejuvenate. Skin tightens and firms, and stretch marks and cellulite are markedly reduced.