Our 21-Day Jump Start Program takes all the tools at your disposal and puts it into an incredible program that jump starts your body into losing inches quickly. Studies have shown that the more you lose in the first 3 weeks of your program, not only will you be more motivated, but you're more likely to stick with your new program longer and the inches will stay off.


The 21-Day Jump Start Program includes:

  • 21-Day Detox Meal Plan (yes, an actual meal plan with whole foods you can get at your grocery store)

  • 1 - 90-minute Lose Inches Now Treatment

  • 3 weekly 45-minute Laser Liposuction Treatments with Nutritional Therapy sessions

  • Home circuit workout that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment

  • 1 - bottle Body Wrap in a Bottle

  • Free Preferred Client Membership for one year (a $100 value FREE)

Your program starts with a Lose Inches Now Treatment. During the first appointment, you are weighed and measured and you get pampered with 90 minutes of Lose Inches Now. Your meal plan is customized for you and you're ready to get started! The next 3 weeks you will check in for Nutritional Therapy, measurements, weigh-in and a relaxing Laser Liposuction Treatment. We discuss the ups and downs of your week and the best way to help you overcome any obstacles you may have encountered. Habits form in 3 weeks and you are supported and encouraged the whole way.

You also get a free Preferred Customer Membership for one year that you saves you 25% off any additional treatments after the initial 21-Day Program for 365 days.

Length – 3 weeks (21 days)


Please note that when registering for the program, you will book your first appointment through the scheduling app, and all the other appointments will be scheduled in office. If you’d like to book them all, please call Sharon at (306) 374-2671. You can also pay for your program when you schedule it online with credit or debit Visa, or you can pay with credit, debit tap, cash or e-transfer at your first appointment.